Instructions for tutors

Become a FoodAdvice Tutor

This course will teach you to make the learning process more interesting by replacing lessons with games. In the course you will learn how to organise learning that is based on gamification, teamwork and an entrepreneurial approach.

After successfully completing this course, you will receive a certificate in gamification education based on the Food Entrepreneurship board game and the FoodAdvice Tutor qualification. This qualification will allow you to put together groups of students and teach them using the methodology suggested in the course, both in and out of school. This course takes about 10 hours to complete.

  • Introduction
  • Development of the food industry
  • Looking for talent to launch food startups
  • The impact of digital technologies on food creation
  • Course content
  • The FoodAdvice approach
  • Block 1. The FoodAdvice Game
  • Why did we make a game?
  • Game characters
  • Rules of the game
  • The game action schemes
  • Video 1. Acquaintance with the game
  • Video 2. Product creation
  • Video 3. Product presentation and voting
  • Video 4. Placing products in shops
  • Video 5. Promoting products
  • Video 6. Selling products
  • Video 7. Receiving bonuses from shops and advertising
  • Video 8. Distribution of Event cards
  • Possible options for playing the FoodAdvice game
  • FoodAdvice mobile application
  • Play the FoodAdvice app
  • Record the results of the game
  • The game on Tabletopia
  • Registration and room creation on Tabletopia
  • Controlling the game elements on Tabletopia
  • Practice task. Play the first game
  • Registration for a game with a FoodAdvice tutor
  • A quiz №1 on the material you've learned
  • Who is a Tutor?
  • Course participants and their age characteristics: younger school age
  • Course participants and their age characteristics: adolescents
  • Course participants and their age characteristics: youth
  • Psychological and pedagogical support for course participants
  • Implementation of psychological and pedagogical support
  • Basic communication mistakes
  • Peculiarities of communication with children undergoing long-term treatment
  • Stages of tutor support for children in long-term treatment
  • A quiz №2 on the passed material
  • Block 3. A course for students
  • A course based on the FoodAdvice game
  • Group course topics
  • Course outline and schedule
  • Class timing
  • Decorating the FoodAdvice classroom
  • Video. How are the face-to-face classes of the course
  • Video. How the online classes of the course work
  • The tutor's role in the course
  • Changing game roles
  • Communication, attendance and progress
  • How to set up a course on your own?
  • Giving access to students
  • Track the progress of course participants on the platform
  • Conducting a reflection session at the end of the gaming session
  • Acquaintance with the tasks from the team course
  • Practice task. Create a customer profile
  • A quiz №3 on the material you've learned
  • Helpful resources
  • Leave your feedback on this course
  • Conclusion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed